Flowers have long been a traditional feature of many funerals as they do make a beautiful tribute. Some people choose to have floral tributes as a fitting testament to the popularity and regard of their loved one.If you would like flowers to be part of the funeral you are arranging, you might like to take a moment to consider a few points such as the sort of style you would prefer as the main coffin arrangement, the size of the arrangement and the kind of flowers you would like to have included.

Single or Double tray fresh floral arrangements can be prepared in the colour and style of your choice. These coffin or casket sprays are created for those who wish to have a floral tribute.
We can discuss your individual requirements, but please be aware that seasonality may affect availability of some blooms.

“If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me…place them in my Loved One’s arms and tell them it’s from me…tell them that I Love and miss them and when they smile…place a kiss upon their cheek and hold them for a while!”