At Centurion Funeral Directors, we offer a choice of a burial or cremation

You can choose to follow a Traditional Burial, with a viewing and then a funeral service in a church, or you could decide to have a more relaxed service, even in your family home. The viewing can take place either the evening before, the day of the service or both.

Let’s just say this: there is no ‘hard and fast’ formula for honoring your loved one when burial has been selected. We’re here to listen to your concerns, share our experience, and help you to arrive at the perfect way to gather together before your loved one’s funeral in the cemetery of your choice.

A Direct Burial is an unattended burial, where the deceased will not be taken to church or home and there is no service. The burial is done privately without anyone attending. This allows for a less-expensive option given to the family. 

A Designer Burial will allow you to choose an existing package of services we offer or design the funeral service around your unique needs. We at Centurion Funeral Directors will assist you with an array of services ranging from simple floral tributes to extravagant draping and catering to Live Streaming of your loved one’s funeral service.