Neanderthal burial sites from approximately 60 000BC have been found with pollen and flower fragments. Some researchers believe that the presence of flowers is simply a coincidence or an attempt by early man to mask the odour of the burial cave. Flowers were once used to cover up bad odours, but today they are simply an expression of sympathy.

Funeral flowers may be made in several different forms. One is a circular wreath, chosen as a symbol of eternal life. Another is a casket or funeral spray, purchased by the family, and is a bouquet of flowers that is draped over the coffin or casket.  Centurion Funeral Directors offers a variety of fresh floral arrangements.



“If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me…place them in my Loved One’s arms and tell them it’s from me…tell them that I Love and miss them and when they smile…place a kiss upon their cheek and hold them for a while!”